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We Are Funwari Japanese Delights

Delightful Sweet & Salty dishes

Our Story

Bringing delightful experience to our customers

 We create the entire cultural experience around food, the ambience and dish flavors that represent some of the Japanese leavened delights and harmonize the dining experience.

That ambiance; the simplicity of the interior design, the traditional plates and cups were handcrafted by the local potter bring locality into the flavors. It’s about the historical customs surrounding the dining experience - sitting on floors or eating with your hands, chopsticks - that can feel so foreign yet so inviting.

The key beauty in Japanese culture lies in simplicity, that is our vision.

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Homemade Daifuku Mochi

Soft, Chewy Blessing

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Japanese Souffle Pancakes

Flavor of Clouds

Neko Purin

Neko Purin

Jiggly light pudding

Teisyoku (Bento)

Nostalgic Japanese homemade meal



Bites of Flavors

Opening Hours

Come Visit!

Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:30 pm
Monday: closed

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